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"My track coach use to tell me,
you have to do something eight times
for it to become a habit.
But I swear I only kissed you three times,
yet it feels like a million.
And when things got messy,
and you weren’t here to kiss,
I felt like my entire existence was wrong.
I guess my coach was wrong
because you were a habit,
that I never intended to break."

- New Love: Carol Shlyakhova(strong-but-breakable)

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"every time you hurt me I apologized because I felt guilty for making you feel bad"

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The Story So Far - Mt. Diablo

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white boys need to be stopped

"One day you will kiss a man you can’t breathe without, and find that breath is of little consequence."


Karen Marie Moning, Bloodfever

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"The thing is when you fall in love, it’s kind of like you go crazy. Before you know it, the whole world is different and then you’d do anything for the other person."

- Vivian-American Horror Story (via gamergirl929)


I’m not scared of dying… I’m scared of living like this.



Fiona Goode, American Horror Story: Coven

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"We think that pain is the worst feeling. It isn’t. How can anything be worse than this eternal silence inside of me? I used to not eat for days, or eat like crazy and then stick my fingers down my throat. Now no matter how much I binge I can’t fill this hole inside me."

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